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Things You Mht Find Odd about Dominican Culture - iHeartDR

[ssboost] Every country and city has its own customs and culture.

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The Dominican Republic has a rich history and its citizens have a strong sense of cultural identity and pride.

Things You Mht Find Odd about <strong>Dominican</strong> <strong>Culture</strong> - iHeartDR

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At times, Dominicans are influenced by American culture (for example, some listen to music in English, watch American movies, or say Americanized versions of things like “hamburger” instead of the Spanish “hamburguesa”, or exclaim “omaah”.) Before I moved here, I lived in a Dominican nehborhood in New York City, and I had visited the island a few times, so I was familiar with some cultural aspects.

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Regardless, a few things continue to stick out to me; however, the longer I live here, the more I understand.

Dominican dating culture:

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